Work Camping – How We Do It

One of the greatest benefits of the RV lifestyle is the opportunity for “work camping”. This can take as many forms as there are jobs to be done. It can be done for pay or for an exchange of goods or services or a combination of the two. Work camping almost always includes a place for the worker to park their rig. Sometimes the cost of the RV site is covered by the work provided and sometimes dollars are paid in addition to the site trade.

Work camping may be done as a couple or by only one person in the party or by a solo traveler.

The name “work camping” says a lot about the concept but there is so much more to it. The basic idea is travelers want or need to do something to occupy some of their time and want or need to accumulate cash or reduce their out going expense money.

Once my nephew asked “do you know how to save a dollar?” I was willing to play along and said “No. How”. He said “Don’t spend a dollar, hahaha.” What a bright child! He is so right and that is what we are talking about with work camping. Saving a dollar and earning a dollar become blurred.

We have “work camped” for our site plus hourly pay and we have work camped in exchange only for our site and hook-ups. There are no rules. You have to negotiate what you want in return for what you are willing to give.

I suggest research the average cost of a monthly site and hook-ups in the area of the country you want to visit. Consider how much you value your time in a monetary sense. You will not likely earn as much as your counterparts in the conventional world! With that information you can determine how many hours you are willing to work. Important: it must be fair for both parties.

You can go literally to any part of the US and find a work camping job. Your success in making this work boils down to what you are willing and able to do in exchange for what your needs are.

Tools we use to find work camp opportunities:

  1. Workamper News ($39 yearly subscription; I have the Gold membership)
  2. Workers-on-wheels (free) Sign up for their weekly newsletter for their newest listings.
  3. (free)

Places we have work camped:

  1. Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery (site only)
  2. Amazon Camper Force (pay and site)
  3. Sun n Fun Aviation Events (site only)
  4. St Gaudens National Historic Site (site only) Coming soon!
  5. Hagerman Wildlife Refuge (site only) Coming soon!