Running with the Bulls – Stock Trading

Stock trading has become one of the ways I replenish my ever decreasing savings account. My son and I have formed a little investment group and we discuss stock picks based on comments from a couple of very experienced stock analyst. We are novices ourselves but we both did well in our first year (2017) of active trading.

Charles Schwab has a good stock trading platform. My retirement account has been there for many years and find Schwab Bank to be very easy and convenient for all my banking needs.

How We Trade

For stock trading pick ideas, I follow Jim Cramer from The Street and the TV show Mad Money. My son follows the Motley Fools, Tom and David Gardner. Between these two highly experienced advisories we are able to find stocks we feel are good choices for our portfolios and we share information with each other.

For many years, I used passive “buy and hold” stock trading, managing my 401K retirement account. I just did not have time to do the necessary research for more active trading. I invested mostly in ETFs and mutual funds over the years and was satisfied that it was the best I could do at the time.


With more time on my hands, I follow the stock market daily. My son Nick also follows the markets between his very busy schedule and we exchange information.

2017 was a good year for the stock market with record gains in the Dow, the NASDAQ and the S&P 500. The economy has been growing since 2009 and it appears as if 2018 will be another year of expansion. My goal is to ride the wave and put away all the profits I can. We all know that the market can change on a dime and the economy will contract at some point.

Stock Trading Group

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