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RVers Are Social Animals

Connectivity through a social network can help create a sense of “I am still around” for us RV travel tramps. Face Book is great for family and close friends in the old ‘hood,’ LinkedIN is great for our business associates, but what about friends you meet on the road? How do you keep in touch with them?

Road Friends

Meeting folks on the road and keeping in contact with them is much easier with the RV social network, RVillage. RVillage has been specifically designed for gypsies like us. Removing some of the barriers for meeting other like- minded folks.

Joining RVillage won’t make you more attractive, it won’t make your breath smell better nor will it remove body odors, but it still will help you make new forever friends.

RVillage Introduction Video

Our profile at RVillage: Kris and Mark

Wait, Wait! There’s More

RVillage also offers discounts through affiliates such as Family Motor Coach Association, Escapees and FCIS Insurance. Plus there is a place to advertise your RV for sale and a business locator for products or services used by fellow RVillagers.

Where’s Waldo

While traveling, most RVers stop along the way. When you are an RVillager, you use these stops as check-in points. Each check-in is plotted on your personal map and stored in your profile, providing a great way to review where you have been. You can post this map so that others can see where you have been.

Additionally, when you check in, you see other RVillagers camped close by. You can easily read their profile, send a message and maybe even an invite to meet up. We have met most of our “road” friends using this feature.

Who doesn’t like FREE?

RVillage is free to everyone. After using it for a while and once you get all the benefit, you will likely do as we did and become a GOLD member. This cost about $15 per year but you get nearly all the functionality without cost.

That’s No Small Feet (or is that no smelly feet?)

RVillage has over 85,000 members as of January 2018. Not one of them have stinky feet. That’s right! When your feet move as fast as these folks, stink just cannot keep up.

So do your family and friends a favor and join RVillage and end those days of stinky feet.

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