Smooth Your Move! RV Trip Planning Made Easy!

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Every “rig move” starts with RV trip planning.

RV Trip Wizard is a yearly subscription-based “RV trip planning” application that, as of this writing, costs about $39 per year. This trip planning tool produces a final turn by turn trip plan, complete with the contact information for each park I plan to stay at along my route.

To start, I ask myself;

  1. What part of the country do we want to see next?
  2. Which date do we want to leave?
  3. What is the targeted arrival date?
  4. Who and what do we want to see along the way?

Armed with this knowledge, I am ready to start the process.


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The Route

Going to the “RV Trip Wizard” website, I begin my trip planning.  First, I create a draft route, then I review it with my co-pilot for her approval. Next step is to select all the places we will park along the route.

In My Profile

Information such as height, length and my RV’s fuel economy is set up in my application’s profile section. As a result, these setting help me avoid low overhead obstructions and also assist me in refueling plans.

My park “type” preference is set in my profile reflecting the discount clubs I belong to such as Escapees, Good Sam’s Club, AAA, etc. and affiliated parks will be displayed along my route.

Things that keep me up at night

  1. Low overhead obstructions (such as low rail road trusses, bridges and wires).
  2. Running out of fuel in a bad location.
  3. Tire blow-out at 65 miles an hour.
  4. Going into an area too narrow for me to turn my 40′ rig around.

My profile settings cause various warning messages to display on my route map, relieving at least a little of the stress.

 Additional Tools

In addition to RV Trip Wizard, I use these tools to help calm my fears (not in any particular order):

  1. Truck Router (free) Finds the trucker preferred routes for big rigs!
  2. Google Map Satellite View (free)
  3. RV Park Review (free) Please be sure to add your reviews!
  4. Allstays (I purchased the app for my iPad; online version is additional $32 per year)
  5. Gas Buddy (free) Find the lowest fuel price near you!
  6. Wunderground (free) Weather Underground for weather forecasts!

Not so fast Leblansky!

Each day I only move about 200 miles. Leaving the park by 10 AM, I can easily be set up in the new park by 3 or 4 PM! Ahhh, just in time for happy hour it seems!

RV Trip Wizard allows you to set your preferred (target) travel distance plus it offers 2 additional alternatives for minimum and maximum distances. The choice is yours, but my settings are 175, 200 (target) and 225 miles, respectively.

Finding the perfect stopping point along the way

This RV trip planning tool draws 3 circles around my starting point each representing the mileage setting in my profile.

Next, I trace my route line until it crosses one of the circle’s arcs.  There are usually several park icons to choose from on or near the arc.

Clicking the RV park icon will cause a box to pop up. Inside that box is a link to “Park Reviews” and clicking that link takes you to the  RV Park Review website.

If all is right in the universe, I will be on the park’s review page in the RV Park Review website. If the park’s name has changed recently, I will have to use the search features to find the chosen park using the city name and state.

I report any changes I find to RV Park Review, so the rest of you can find it, too.

Repeating the steps for the remainder of my trip.

Each stopping point becomes the next starting point. I follow the process for each stop/start point. When finished I print the results. My co-pilot uses these printout for making the reservations as all the park’s contact data is right in the print out!Most noteworthy, there is a turn by turn direction print out that I use in conjunction with Google Maps.

These final steps help to ensure a smooth move for our rig.