Introduction to the Competent RVer

Happy Campers

Welcome to the Competent RVer!

The goal of the Competent RVer blog is to provide a source of enlightenment for learning the lifestyle of full time RV living.

My name is Mark and for 35 years I lived in the corporate rat race as a mortgage banker. At age 45 I happened upon an opportunity to earn a living delivering adult continuing education to licensed mortgage bankers and brokers. These speaking engagements took place in every major city in the country. My wife and I traveled from city to city, hotel to hotel for 3 years. When we were not working we’d see the local sights. Can you imagine eating every meal in a restaurant and sleeping every night in a hotel? We “ate out” about 1000 meals in a row.

About 12 months into the business, we purchased a motorhome.

We really wanted to cook our own meals and be around our own belongings but we loved the travel. The solution was to purchase a small 24’ class C. It was small enough to park at a hotel for working but large enough for living in between hotels.

Our classes were 2 days long. We work Monday and Tuesday, travel to the next city on Wednesday and then work Thursday and Friday. Travel Saturday and Sunday. We worked 3 weeks each month. That gave us time to look around and visit points of interest.

in 2005, about 3 years after we started, the mortgage industry started to change and class participation dropped. We stopped traveling and I went back to the standard mortgage banking grind.

Making Our Escape

In 2014 I decided I was ready to stop working but I was only 57 years old. The stress from my job was taking a toll on me mentally and physically. My wife and I reminisced about the good times we had traveling the country from our class C. I tried to talk her into moving onto a sail boat and seeing the world. She was having none of that!

I started working out a financial plan using a spreadsheet (remember, I am a banker) that could predict how long our savings would last based on certain conditions. If we stayed on budget, we could survive until I was old enough to draw SSI and at that point in time we’d have a comfortable nest egg remaining. My wife was already drawing her SSI as she is a couple of years older than me.

We sold a house in Dallas and a house in Nashville and bought a beautiful 2005 Newmar Dutch Star.

I sold my sail boat, a Mercedes convertible, Subaru Outback and a VW Jetta. We sold or gave to our children everything that would not fit into our motor coach. Within 8 months from that fateful revelation, we were ready to walk away from the corporate world. Fortunately this also coincided with a bank merger I had been working on for 2 years and at the day of merging, I would be paid a bonus for seeing the merger to its successful end. It all worked out!

Starting Our New Life

On April 1, 2015 we started our new life. This blog will tell you how we did it and how we are doing it. In the last few years, I learned more than I did in college.  Through all of my research, I slowly became the Competent RVer.

I was a mechanic in the service, back in ’70’s so I maintain our rig and our tow.  Through my work, I have upgraded our rig – don’t worry, I will share my research! This blog is not just about us, it is more about you and your dream to live a more free life going where you want, when you want. Free to follow your favorite season all year long while seeing the world and maybe even helping others.

Topics I will cover in the coming weeks:

  • Blogging for income
  • Investing in the stock market
  • Upgrading your rig
  • Selecting products and services to make your money go further
  • Finding meaning in your life volunteering at parks and museums
  • Ways you can save on daily expenses
  • Links to others that are living this dream like you and I

Stay tuned!