Edgestar Mini Fridge Isn’t Cold (and How to Fix It)

Edgestar Mini Fridge

Keep Your Drinks Cold

I have a 1.1 cubic foot EdgeStar CRF150SS combo refrigerator / freezer in my storage bay. We use the Edgestar mini fridge mostly for cold drinks but we could use it for freezer overflow. The thermostat can be set to either cool or freeze. It came in handy when we were working at a fish hatchery last summer. The hatchery had a fishing stream made from the hatchery release water. They also released lots of fish into that stream for the locals to catch. There was a 5-fish daily limit and I caught and stored enough fish in our little freezer to smoke within a week or so.

Disaster Strikes

Yesterday, I went to get a cold drink and the drinks were not cold. Yikes! The unit came with our rig and I have no idea how old it is. My rig is a 2005 so it could be as much as 12 years old.

One sure thing in the life of a full-time RVer is ” stuff breaks” and if your are not wealthy, you MUST learn to fix it.

But, if I have to buy a new one, so be it (hey, cold beer is important).

A quick look at Amazon and a replacement would cost $159.00 with free shipping. Okay, that is the worse case.

Compressor View

Time to Troubleshoot

Next, a search of YouTube using the words Edge Star and Compressor. This yielded enough information to trouble shoot the issue for the Edgestar mini fridge. I learned that a common problem with these units is the starter relay and/or the overload capacitors, break over time. They are made from a porcelain material that becomes brittle and eventually they shatter. Part of the trouble shooting is to remove the parts and shake them. If you hear a rattle inside, the relay unit is likely gone. You will also want to check the parts with a multi-meter.

Safety First!

Unplug the refrigerator!

I removed the two parts in less than 3 minutes. I checked each terminal using the OHMS setting. Current should be able to flow through to each terminal. Here are the parts I ordered:




I took a picture of part numbers and then back to Amazon to search again. Fortune of fortunes both were available with Amazon Prime! I will have them in 2 days at a total cost of $11. So this is my best case.

Two days later!

The parts arrived and installed in less than 3 minutes. The refrigerator is cooling like a champ!